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Child Care Centres 101: A Guide on Family Daycare Centres

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Family daycare is a common childcare option for Australian parents. These centres suit parents who need a flexible childcare alternative for their kids. Choosing a suitable family daycare can be a challenging affair for most parents. It is especially so since they would want positive outcomes for their kids. Below is an article with some intricate tips on choosing a family daycare. 


The Australian government expects all childcare centres to abide by strict standards. Consequently, the centres must be registered by the relevant government agencies. It is a guarantee to parents that the facility is safe for their kids. Therefore, ask your family daycare centre to provide its registration details to ensure it is recognised by the government. Examine the educator ratings to establish whether they are certified to offer early childcare education services. 

State of the Home

The family daycare program occurs in the educator's home. Therefore, visit the home and establish whether it suits your child. Assess the following:

  • How accessible is the home? For instance, does your child need to climb a steep flight of stairs to get to the facility?
  • How organised is the home? Typically, the educator should ensure kids do not have access to potential hazards such as kitchen appliances and cutlery.
  • If your child has allergies, examine the home for potential allergens. For instance, an air freshener could trigger an asthma attack in a child allergic to strong smells.
  • The facility should be spacious for the kids. A constricted space could cause discomfort, accident and predispose kids to infectious disease outbreaks


Examine how the educator structures the family daycare program. For instance, do they group the students according to their ages? It prevents younger groups from feeling intimated by older kids. Then, assess the kinds of activities kids are engaged in while at the facility. The rule is to consider family daycares that integrate play in most learning activities. It creates a casual learning environment where kids build their language and arithmetic skills as they have fun. Besides, play activities are likely to help learners build essential life skills such as sharing, etiquette, and critical thinking. 

Finally, ask the educator about their terms and conditions. For instance, when do they admit a new group? What are the parents' responsibilities once they enrol their kids in the facility? You could be required to pick and drop off your kid and disclose their health information. Moreover, check whether the fee structure suits your budget.  For more information, contact a child care centre near you.