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The Advantages of Introducing Your Child to Early Learning

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If you're wondering which childcare option will best suit your child, you may want to give some thought to early learning. As an area of parenting, this is a topic that can divide parents. Learning about the advantages of introducing your child to early learning will help you decide whether it's right for you and them.

Early learning is play-based, which encourages brain development

One of the main reasons the idea of early learning invokes reactions of shock is that parents picture their little ones engaging in the rote learning older children benefit from. This is not the case. The early approach introduces concepts through play, which encourages the synapses in the brain to develop. When these synapses strengthen, a child's brain becomes fitter for other types of learning later on in life. 

It enhances well-being

In countries such as Scandinavia, children start school later, and play as a part of the early learning process is important. Such education systems consistently produce high achievers, who also have a better sense of wellbeing. It's believed that through encouraging them to act as children, rather than imposing a formal education system, these play schemes make it easier for them to socialise later in life.

It maximises your child's ability to develop coping skills

The first five years of life is when the brain experiences the most development. During this time, a child develops their cognitive skills, which will later let them make sense of the world around them and respond appropriately to different situations. This includes how they perceive and react to risk, which is a worry of many parents. During this time, children also engage in most of their character development, emotional growth, and the motor skills they need for movement. Using an early learning program allows them to make the most of that first five years of life, setting them up for easier attainments in the future.

They'll develop the ability to think outside the box

Creativity is an asset all children have and using an early learning program allows them to harness it for longer. Many programs encourage them to take part in problem-solving activities together. In addition to enhancing their creative skills, it gives them experience in acting as a team player. When they later reach formal education, they'll find it easier to integrate with others.

The first few years of a child's life act as an ideal opportunity to help them flourish as a person. With the right childcare choices, you can enhance their adult functioning.