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3 Reasons Why A Nanny Is The Best Care Option For Baby When You Return To Work

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Making the decision to return to work after having a baby can be a tough one. Even the most career-orientated women can feel torn between wanting to stay at home with her baby and the need to get back to a job she loves. Often, there may not even be a real choice due to financial reasons.

If you're in this position and will be starting work again soon after your maternity leave, then you've no doubt begun to consider which child care option will be the best one for you and your baby. For many mothers, hiring a nanny to care for their baby in their own home is the most appealing option.

This is generally a more expensive option than day care centres and family day care providers. However, here are three reasons why it may be the best care option for you and your baby.

1. One-on-one care

While other options will provide your baby with safe and loving care, they won't receive the same one-on-one care that a nanny can provide. This is important, especially for young infants who benefit from forming a strong bond with a regular carer.

Knowing that your baby is spending time with a nanny that they know and trust can make your return to work less stressful and difficult. It also means that your baby can stay in the sleeping and feeding routine that you've started and won't have to fit in with the needs of other children at different stages of development.

2. Less exposure to illness

Child care options that include many other children also means a big increase in exposure to illnesses such as colds, viruses and stomach bugs. While some illness is to be expected during early childhood, small babies with underdeveloped immune systems are at risk of becoming ill frequently and severely at communal care facilities.

Having a nanny care for your baby at home can minimise exposure to illness and allow their immune system to mature without frequent bouts of sickness. It also means that if your baby does fall ill, they can still be cared for by the nanny, and you won't need to take multiple days off work because they're unable to attend daycare.

3. Increased flexibility

Having a nanny gives you more options when it comes to the hours and the days that you require care for. Other care options will have set hours that they're open for, and most don't provide care during evenings or on weekends. If you're a shift worker or your job requires you to work into the evening or on weekends, a nanny can be employed to meet these employment needs.

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