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What to Look For When Choosing a Care Centre for Your Child

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The daycare centre you choose for your child will be very important, as you obviously want your child to be safe while in someone else's care, but also want them to enjoy their time while at such a centre. Most parents know to look for a clean centre that has lots of staff to care for the number of children on hand, and you will have your own budget to consider, but note a few mistakes to avoid, and what to look for, when choosing a childcare centre. This will ensure you choose a centre that works for both your needs, and those of your child as well.

Educational materials

Unless your child is an infant, consider if the facility you choose will have educational materials, and some structured time for learning. Neglecting early learning for a child can be a mistake, as it's often helpful to their schooling if they understand colours, shapes, numbers, and letters before they actually begin school. This can help them to learn much more quickly and progress with a school's structured learning schedule. Educational materials and structured learning can also help a child to become curious about what they read in books, so they'll enjoy learning more once they reach school age. Don't make the mistake of only looking at toys that your child will play with when at a care centre, but check out their supply of books, workbooks, educational videos, and the like.


Consider the location of a child care centre. One that is on a main road near your office may sound like a good choice, but note if there would be extra traffic congestion at that location, versus a centre closer to your home, or that is located in a residential subdivision rather than on a busy main road.  Location is important for a care centre, but don't overlook traffic congestion, ease of access, and other such factors when choosing that location.

Training and credentials of caregivers

Staff members at a childcare centre don't need to have specialized degrees; anyone who enjoys children and who is patient with them is typically qualified to care for a child! However, note if the owner of the facility, a manager, or someone else in charge has a childcare degree, a degree in education, or some other additional training behind them. This can ensure they have a good understanding of the needs of a child and are able to educate them while also supervising them during the day.